Bygone Times

As China progresses building new modern homes and factories, often the old buildings are destroyed to make way for the new.

The buildings are stripped of all that can be reused including huge amounts of pine, from floorboards to ceiling joists.

This collection of furniture, is constructed using that reclaimed material, some bits bearing the marks of its previous life, nail holes and areas that have been filled due to too much wood coming away with the nail!

In most cases the timber is well over a hundred years old.

It is then hand made into these items of furniture often with  hand carved details  to enhance the design.

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Victorian 1 Seat Hall Chair
£239.00 inc VAT
Edwardian 5' 9 Drawer Desk
£699.00 inc VAT

Georgian Two Seat Hall Chair
£332.00 inc VAT
Gothic 6' Partners Desk
£1129.00 inc VAT

Kidney Desk
£739.00 inc VAT