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Cube Bookcase
£329.00 inc VAT
Cube Curved Display Uuit
£359.00 inc VAT

Dorset Bookcase  1000x600x315
£203.50 inc VAT

Dorset Bookcase  1500x600x315
£262.90 inc VAT
Dorset Bookcase  1500x900x315
£295.90 inc VAT

Dorset Bookcase 1000x900x315
£229.90 inc VAT
Dorset Bookcase 2000x600x315
£295.90 inc VAT

Dorset Bookcase 2000x900x315
£328.90 inc VAT
Eden Low Bookcase
£229.00 inc VAT

Eden Tall Bookcase
£387.00 inc VAT
Helsinki Display Cabinet
£943.00 inc VAT

Helsinki High Bookcase with Cupboard
£741.00 inc VAT
Helsinki High Display unit
£716.00 inc VAT

Helsinki Low Bookcase
£451.00 inc VAT
Helsinki Low Display Unit
£572.00 inc VAT

Kenwyn Large Bookcase
£459.00 inc VAT
Kenwyn Low Bookcase
£219.00 inc VAT

Lamorna Display Cabinet
Lamorna Display Cabinet
Ideal for both books and ornaments, the unit features adjustable shelves as well as a useful full width drawer. Glazed front saves on dusting .
£493.00 inc VAT
Lamorna Large Bookcase
Lamorna Large Bookcase
If like me you hoard books, then large strong bookcases are a godsend. At my home I have more bookcases than any other type of furniture. This one would suit any room either to match an existing cottage style or as a contrast to an oak floor.
£372.00 inc VAT

Lamorna Slim Bookcase
Lamorna Slim Bookcase
Suitable for the smaller area of the home, only 56cm wide , adjustable shelves and a useful drawer at the bottom.
£273.00 inc VAT
Lamorna Small Bookcase  / DVD Rack
Lamorna Small Bookcase / DVD Rack
Useful small bookkase ideal for paperbacks. Equally suitable for cd's or dvd's.
£152.00 inc VAT

no image available
£399.00 inc VAT
no image available
£489.00 inc VAT

New England Glazed Dresser Top
£349.00 inc VAT
New England Highboard
£629.00 inc VAT

New Hampshire 4' x 3' Bookcase
£650.00 inc VAT
Riga Glazed Display Cabinet
£599.00 inc VAT

Riga Low Bookcase 2 Shelf
£205.00 inc VAT
Roughtor Glass Display Cabinet
£702.00 inc VAT

Roughtor Wine Rack Bookcase
£676.00 inc VAT
Shaker Oak Dining Glazed CabinetShaker Oak Dining Glazed Cabinet
£399.00 inc VAT

Shaker Oak Dining Large BookcaseShaker Oak Dining Large Bookcase
£489.00 inc VAT
Shaker Oak Dining Low BookcaseShaker Oak Dining Low Bookcase
£279.00 inc VAT

Shaker Oak Dining Petite Glazed BookcaseShaker Oak Dining Petite Glazed Bookcase
£319.00 inc VAT
Tolvaddon Oak 4 Shelf Corner
Tolvaddon Oak 4 Shelf Corner
Small Occasional
£119.00 inc VAT

Tolvaddon Oak Small Bookcase
£169.00 inc VAT