From the same supplier as Mylor, this modern take on traditional pine features elegant plinth cut-outs, brushed chrome handles and a stylish top.  This under-stated elegance makes the Lundy range ideal for a smaller room, where a grander piece could overwhelm.  However, the entire range still features solid cabinet construction, so all the pieces are robust and will stand the test of time.

Available in a choice of 6 subtle pastal colours from the Farrow and Ball range, or simple white.

For a small premium it can be finished in any colour from the entire Farrow and Ball collection.

There are too many pieces in the collection to show online,any of the pieces in the Penwethers collection can also be constructed in this style.

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Lundy 30' 2+3 Chest
£385.00 inc VAT
Lundy 30' 2+4 Chest
£429.00 inc VAT

Lundy 3 Drawer Bedside ( small )
£159.00 inc VAT
Lundy Bedside 3 Drawer ( Large )
£199.00 inc VAT

Lundy Blanket Box
Lundy Blanket Box
Blanket Box
£229.00 inc VAT

Lundy 2 Drawer Wardrobe
£649.00 inc VAT
Lundy Full Hanging Wardrobe
£569.00 inc VAT

Lundy Triple Robe with Mirror
£975.00 inc VAT