13th February 2018

Why Buy From us?

Why Buy From us?

There are a variety of furniture stores both nationally and locally, not all are the same!

We are a family owned and run furniture store with over 40 years experience located in the heart of Truro.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to find you the right product  and to deliver it to you when required.

Selling both from the showroom and to order means there are plenty of items available for immediate delivery and we stock both bedframes and mattresses.

Many of our ranges are made in southwest England and sizes can be altered to suit your requirements.

We deliver FREE all orders over £350 ( within 40 miles of Truro ) and assemble bedframes in your room, also free.

We appreciate that time is precious and we work with you to ensure delivery is when YOU want, whether that is tomorrow, next week or in 6 months time. We often deliver same day, if our drivers are available!

Websites are nice and convenient , but quality furniture needs to be seen to be appreciated. If you can visit, we would love to see you and discuss your furniture requirements.

We have customer car parking outside the store.

To find us , by foot we are 500 yards from Mallets, by car our postcode is TR1 3BX.

9th February 2018

Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale

Well Winter may not seem to be ending but our sale is.

Just two more weeks of some very reduced clearance items, plus reductions on current items too!

Only 2 wardrobes at £99! left.

Oak bedframes from £329.

Pine bedframes from £185.

Stunning glazed dresser was £1699 NOW £599

Clearance prices but our usual excellent  quality.

Free local  delivery.


22nd November 2017



It is that time of the year again!

We have been to the Autumn trade fairs, selected new ranges for the store and await their arrival.

Then the goods are booked in, and i suddenly realise we do not currently have space for them in the showroom!

This leads to the annual Clearance Sale, always held by us in the last two weeks of November and the first two weeks of December. 

Then the new furniture is displayed,in all its glory.

Additionally we are currently trying to room set our furniture to show it off to its best effect, this takes up a lot of space which leads to more items finding their way into the clearance section.

We have three new ranges due in before Christmas, which should be on the website by now.

Kensington, is a bedroom range, made in Britain, available in a choice of 135 colours, and a choice of 4 solid oak tops. This will be a winner for those who value quality and choice.

Roughtor is a dining range, thick chunky rustic oak, bearing the sawmarks and plane marks that show off its traditional heritage.

Epsom, is a delightful bedroom range, all the pieces are smaller and thus suitable for more petite rooms. Available on the website in one colour but instore in a further 15.

10th December 2016

January Sale

Well its that time of year again.

Another year end comes around, Christmas is beckoning and as usual we are looking towards our annual sale.

Every year i go to the trade shows, to see what is new and what would look good in the store. Its not an easy task, some years i get it right and what i purchase sells, other times it doesnt!

We only have one sale a year, we try to keep our prices reasonable all year but all those trade show deals i did, that may not have done as well as i hoped, well i am currently working on large reductions on those items. Everything in the store is reduced in our sale BUT the clearance items really have been slashed in price.After all, there is the January Furniture show for me to look forward to.

We cannot show the clearance items on the web, they may have the odd knock, and we would prefer you came and saw them.

As the entire shop needs reticketing, reductions are going on now so please come and visit.


1st June 2016

Buying a mattress

Buying a mattress

There is no more difficult purchase than a mattress!

Unless you are suffering from poor sleep, or have a bad back every morning, there may seem little reason to change your bed.

We dont show our friends our bed like we may our new sideboard or dining set, we dont ask them to try it out for comfort like we might do for a new suite.Our experiece  with our bed is ours alone.

There are several questions I ask when a client enquires about a new bed or mattress, as we want you to have the most suitable product for your needs.

Who is it for?

If it is for a child then orthopaedic is probably not suitable.

Do you share the bed with somebody?

A pocket spring model is best suited to couples, as it adjusts to your shape and weight.If your partner is heavier than you then a firm mattress may be required.

Is your current mattress on a divan base?

If it is, you need to change both.If you take the mattress off your bed, you will see your prone shape indented in the divan base.If you put a new mattress on this base it will half its expected life span and invalidate the manufacturers guarentee.

If you however have a bedframe with slats, then you probably only need to replace the mattress.

Do you feel hot in bed?

If you do then a memory foam mattress may not be the best purchase.

The most difficult question and one so often skirted around, is how much do you want to spend? 

A good quality mattress that will give support for 8 years or so, will usually cost in the region of £400-£500. ( 4'6") Many people balk at this remembering perhaps what they paid when they last purchased a mattress.

£450 for a goods night sleep is £56 per year, £4.67 per month. How much do we spend on coffee?

We do sell a lot of  mattresses  that cost less than this  and are happy to advise what is best for you.

I am often amused by the responses i get from clients.

On asking the question " how often do you use the bed" i was told, "about 8 hours a night"!

One customer told me he " could sleep on a coathanger" 

Please remember when considering a new mattress the access! Many cottages especially ones in St Ives have very low ceilings and trying to get a 5' pocket sprung mattress  upstairs can be impossible. Mattress's do not like being bent.

Often a problem when receiving a new bedhow to dispose of the old one.

We are happy to take your old mattress away for recycling for a nominal £20 per item. The steel is made into new steel, the fillings go to the rag trade,

.If you have a wood bedframe to dispose of, this is free, the wood goes into my woodburner.

Happy dreams.


19th May 2016



Spring is here!

Well officially it is though as I type this , I am considering putting the store's heating back on!

With spring comes spring cleaning and I have been moving things around the store to make way for new ranges.

We have had a lovely nordic design dining set in, Jorvik, which has had lots of admiring glances already.Unusually the chairs that accompany it have a choice of fabrics some of which are really stunning.

With the bank holiday soon upon us, our stock of mattress'es is back up so if you have an unexpected guest, we have plenty of stock and remember we even put the bedframes together in your own home ( Cornwall ).

Enjoy the sun, if we get any.