Natural Seasons 1800 (comes rolled up)




A rolled up mattress without compromise on any of the essentials of great quality or comfort.

This 1800 Pocket sprung mattress comes rolled up using a special vacuum process which has removed all the air inside the mattress prior to packaging. On delivery once opened all the air returns into the Mattress and inflates itself to be ready for a good nights sleep within a few hours.

The way in which the Natural Seasons is delivered means those with tighter staircases or harder excess bedrooms need not worry and still have confidence in receiving a comfortable and quality mattress that offers a soft feel while still being supportive with a medium to slightly firm rating.

Seasonal turning – This Mattress has a Summer Side and a Winter Side both using natural filling materials used for ether the warmer months or the colder months.

Summer Side – Tensel cover (eucalyptus) and Cotton Fillings.

Winter Side – Wool Cover and Wool Filling.